If your employer is paying you or a family member less despite your skills and qualifications compared to someone else at your work then you may have an equal pay violations case and this needs to be put right—not just for you, but as an example for all the other workers who are likely being given the same unfair treatment.

The Law is on Your Side

There are state and federal laws in place to protect workers from unequal pay:

  • The Texas Equal Work, Equal Pay Law
  • The federal Equal Pay Act

Both protect workers from being discriminated against by an employer because of their sex, race or ethnicity.  We help ensure that these laws are being applied justly.

What Can I Do if I’m Receiving Unequal Pay?

It is an equal pay violation if an employee receives less pay for the same work as another who is paid more because of:

  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Color
  • Immigration status
  • Religion 
  • Age
  • Pregnancy

Examples include paying a woman less than a man for the same work, withholding tips, non- payment of earned commissions or bonuses, unpaid overtime, or any other inadequate compensation.  You may be entitled to lost wages and earnings as well as possible punitive damages.  An employer who has willfully violated equal pay laws may be fined up to $10,000 and may also be held responsible for paying interest on your lost earnings.

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There’s No Excuse for Equal Pay Violations Espinoza & Brock Stand Up for Fair Treatment of Workers

If you, your spouse, your parent, or loved one is being given lower pay than someone else with the same job as you, you could be the victim of equal pay violations and a workers’ rights attorney with Espinoza & Brock can help you make things right.  Javier Espinoza, founder of our Firm, is a first-generation American immigrant and has seen discrimination in the form of unequal pay firsthand.  Along with his father, Javier worked construction to support his family and to make his way through law school.  He knows how hard people work to make a better life for themselves and their families and he strives to make changes in labor policies in Texas.

With Offices in San Antonio and El Paso, Our Team is Committed to Protecting the Rights of Texas Workers

Lara Brock partnered up with Javier because she also proudly comes from a working-class family and wants to see all employees treated fairly and justly.  Together with the team at Espinoza & Brock, she works to empower women, minorities and all workers by putting up skilled legal representation against gender discrimination, sexual harassment, family and medical leave violations, equal pay violations and other workers’ rights infractions—regardless of legal status.  We have offices in San Antonio and El Paso and want to help you with your case.  Call us now to schedule a free initial consultation with an employment lawyer.  You are family when you come to us for help.

You Work Hard – Get Paid What You Deserve

There is no place for discrimination or any form of unfair treatment in the workplace.  You work hard and you should be paid accordingly for that production and what it contributes to our economy and our communities.  Contact an attorney with us today to find out more about your rights in a case involving equal pay violations.

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