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Espinoza & Brock is a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate about bringing highly skilled, quality legal representation to people who need an attorney that understands their story and what their case means to them.  As one of the only law firms that handles every aspect of work injury cases, we are dedicated to protecting workers’ rights and helping bring real change to our communities by being active in the effort to change policy as it relates to workers and their families.

Welcome toEspinoza & BrockWork Injury Attorneys

Welcome to Espinoza Brock

How Espinoza & Brock Came to Be

Javier Espinoza was just a few months away from being the first in his family to graduate school. At the time, he had no plans to go on to college.  His father worked construction.  His uncles were bricklayers. It’s hard work but good work and that’s what he set out to be: a hard worker who earned a paycheck to take care of his loved ones.  Everything changed that day because he saw a Hispanic man on T.V. who the president had nominated to be the U.S. Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  Javier didn’t know that was possible for someone who looked like him.

Such an impression was made on Javier by this well-spoken and educated man, the former mayor of San Antonio, Henry Cisneros, that everything changed.  Javier changed the course of his life to become an attorney, build a firm and really help his community.  He wanted to be someone like this man—someone really doing something for people and setting an example for what someone with his heritage could attain.  In changing the course of his future, he changed the lives of so many others for the better.  He is joined in his cause by the vivacious and talented attorneys and legal professionals that together make Espinoza & Brock the success story that it has become.

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A Firm Built on Shared Roots

As founder and managing partner of our firm, Javier Espinoza has led the way for our team with a unique vision built on a story that is many people’s story.  Javier is a first-generation American immigrant who didn’t speak a word of English when he first started school.  He was supported by parents who urged him to not just make it through school but to excel and he did.  He pushed himself to take advantage of what education had to offer, learned English and became an honor student.  After becoming the first in his family to graduate high school, Javier joined his father in working construction and supported a family of his own while attending law school.

Lara Brock

Lara Brock

Senior Partner

Lara comes from a strong working-class family. Her father instilled an attitude that makes her who she is as a wife, mother and attorney: “be strong and brave.” Every fiber of her being is geared to win but not just for the sake of winning. Winning means achieving something and improving on something. This drive carries over to everything she does for her clients which is the spirit we all share at our firm.

Steven Sachs

Steven Sachs


Steven brings the best aspects of a fighter to Espinoza & Brock—without sacrificing intelligence or empathy. Whether you are on the mat, in the courtroom or just living life, you have to be able to adjust and evolve no matter what is coming at you. Being injured at work can mean a real crisis for a worker and his or her family. Steven knows exactly how to contend with what has happened and take effective steps to get you back on your feet.

Amanda Spencer

Amanda Spencer

Workers' Comp Partner

Amanda became a certified expert in workers’ compensation law because for her, it is all about heart. It is in her heart to serve and help people in everything she does, be it caring for her client or her family. She is exactly the advocate you need when you’ve been hurt on the job and want to be heard. Amanda’s passion to help strengthens the tapestry that is our team.

Contact the Legal Team That Pays it Forward

Today, Javier, Lara, Steven and Amanda are paying it forward to the communities and workers that supported each of us. Along with every member of our dedicated team, we are outspoken in efforts to create changes in workers’ rights policy in an effort to protect all workers—regardless of legal status, background, gender or any other issue.  Contact us now to see how we can help you with your case.  We have offices in San Antonio and El Paso.

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