When a workplace accident occurs involving the negligence of a worker from another company, how do you seek compensation?  It is important that you have the help of a third-party work injury lawyer when your case may involve multiple employers and their insurance carriers.

Understanding Third-Party Claims

When you or a family member are injured at work because of another employer’s negligence, you can still get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.  Your own employer’s insurance may cover some of your damages, but the third party involved is also responsible for the damages it causes as a result of its own negligence.

Even if the other employer doesn’t carry insurance, we can proceed with a personal injury claim.  We have successfully handled third-party injury cases involving:

  • Residential Construction Sites
  • Commercial Construction Sites
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Chemical Plants
  • Refineries
  • Retail Locations
  • Health Care Providers
  • Food Services Providers & Restaurants

A Third Party Work Injury Attorney With Espinoza & Brock Can Help You Navigate Your Claim

Being injured at work is overwhelming enough. But when you have to figure out who is at fault for your injury when it was caused by someone from a different employer, where do you start?  A work injury lawyer with us at Espinoza & Brock can handle any kind of workplace injury scenario.  As one of the few law offices in the state that addresses all aspects of on-the-job injury cases, you can be assured that we know how to get our clients the full benefits and compensation for damages they need to recover.  We do not back down no matter how complicated it gets or how much the insurance companies may pressure you to settle for far less than what is fair. We will get the job done.

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Someone Whow Got Injured on a Construction Site in El Paso That Should Seek Out a Construction Accident Attorney

Do You Have a Third-Party Claim in El Paso?

A third-party work accident lawyer at our El Paso offices can get you the outcome you and your family need.  Javier Espinoza, founder of our Firm, is a first-generation American immigrant who knows firsthand how hard you work to care for your family.  Having worked construction while putting himself through law school and supporting his family, he is no stranger to what can happen when things go wrong at a multi-employer worksite.  Regardless of your legal status, employer’s insurance coverage, or any other factors, you have rights, and we will protect them.

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Your first call after suffering from an on-the-job injury should be to a lawyer at Espinoza & Brock in El Paso.  Let us take care of the legal details so you can focus on your recovery.

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