This also means that the injuries on the jobsite can range from fairly minor cuts and scrapes to catastrophic and fatal injuries.  Because of the likelihood that more than one company is involved in any injury on a construction site, with some companies choosing to subscribe to workers’ compensation or general liability insurance, construction injury cases can be complex and difficult to navigate for attorneys who are unfamiliar with these issues. You will need an experienced attorney who is well-versed in handling these cases in order to protect your right.

Common Causes of Construction Worker Injuries

According to OSHA, the “fatal four” causes of injuries that construction workers face most commonly on the jobsite are:  

  1. Being struck by an object that has fallen or is being moved
  2. Electrocutions
  3. Falls from scaffolding, ladders, etc.
  4. Getting caught in machinery or between equipment

These incidents can result in head injuries, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, general back injuries, contusions, lacerations, amputations, burns, broken bones, and internal injuries.

Have You Been Hurt in a Construction Accident?

Construction injuries can mean expensive medical bills and a lengthy recovery time before you can work again.  In cases involving a very serious injury, you may not be able to work for quite some time or may be unable to work at the capacity that you could before your injury.  The stakes are very high for you and your family who depend on you.  You have rights when it comes to getting compensation to cover medical bills and lost income.  You need to be protected as a worker, especially considering the dangerous working conditions you face in the construction industry.  If you have been injured while working in construction, get the help of an attorney with us now who knows this area of the law inside and out.

Espinoza & Brock Can Handle Even the Most Complex Construction Injury Case

Javier Espinoza, the founder of Espinoza & Brock, is especially passionate about workers’ rights concerning construction injuries—regardless of legal status.  Javier is a first-generation American immigrant whose father worked construction to support the family.  He, in turn, worked construction jobs while going through school and supporting a family of his own.  Javier has built a team of like-minded legal professionals who are passionate about protecting injured workers’ rights.  He takes it a step further and works to be a leader in the community to change policy and make others aware of the injustices that workers face. 

Contact a Lawyer Who Knows What Is at Stake for You And Your Family

Call us at Espinoza & Brock now to schedule a free initial consultation on your case if you, your spouse, parent, or loved one has suffered a construction injury.  We know how hard you work for your family and we will work hard for you—because to us, you are family.  We currently have offices in San Antonio and El Paso and aim to bring quality workers’ rights representation to all communities in Texas.

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Our work injury lawyers are passionate about handling construction injury cases and we are one of the few firms in Texas who specialize in handling every aspect of a work injury case.  Get the legal team on your side that knows how important it is to you and your family to handle your work injury case the right way.

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