Just a moment’s distraction or a minor driver error in controlling their vehicle can result in disaster.  Besides the subsequent property damage after a crash, an accident can cause serious injuries and fatalities.  Even a seemingly minor injury can have more repercussions than you may have first realized as you find it difficult to work and have to deal with chronic aches or pains.  Victims of motor vehicle crashes have rights and you may be able to recover compensation for medical costs, lost wages, repairs to your vehicle and other damages.

Do Not Face Your Vehicle Accident Case Without a LawyerEspinoza & Brock Can Help

An injury attorney with us has successfully recovered meaningful compensation for people who have been involved in:

  • 18-Wheeler Crashes
  • Commercial Vehicle Crashes
  • Car Crashes
  • Bike Crashes
  • Pedestrian Crashes
  • Hit and Run Crashes
  • Drunk Driving Crashes
  • Rideshare Crashes
  • Bus Crashes
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Is the Insurance Company Refusing to Pay Your Claim?

Insurance companies generally do not want to have to pay out money.  They have professionals working to find reasons why your claim should be denied.  This can include saying that the accident was your fault to begin with or that injuries you suffered were really due to some pre-existing physical condition.  Our attorneys don’t back down from big insurance companies and we know how to effectively prove your claim and get the results you and your family need.

Choose Dedicated Legal Help That You Can Rely On

Javier Espinoza is a first-generation American immigrant whose father worked construction to support the family.  His parents fostered his drive to excel in school no matter the challenges.  Javier also went on to work construction while putting himself through law school and supporting a family of his own.  Now, having founded our firm of like-minded, skilled legal professionals, he and the team at Espinoza & Block are on a mission to protect people who have been unfairly treated—regardless of legal status.  To us, you are family and we provide that level of dedication when it comes to proving your case and getting the outcome you and your family need to recover from a motor vehicle crash.

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There is no risk or cost in speaking with an attorney at Espinoza & Brock about your motor vehicle crash case but there are risks and costs if you do not get the skilled help you need to protect your rights and interests.  We want to help you get what is fair after being hurt in a car crash so you can focus on recovering and getting back to living your life as soon as possible.

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