Securing Justice for Construction Accidents

According to OSHA, the most common construction accidents involve:

  • Falls from heights such as scaffolding, roofs, balconies, or other elevated working surfaces
  • Being struck by trucks or forklifts or crushed between a fixed object and a moving one
  • Caught in an unprotected trench or excavation site
  • Electrocution

    Construction sites are inherently more dangerous than the average work environment, so employers have the responsibility to ensure employees have the necessary personal protective equipment and that safety protocols are enforced.  Serious injuries and death result when safety is not made a priority, and employers are liable for damages suffered when their workers are hurt.  Don’t face a construction accident case on your own—get the help of an attorney who can get you the compensation you need after suffering an injury.

    Why Choose Espinoza & Brock for Your Construction Injury Case?

    Espinoza & Brock has a unique background when it comes to handling construction accident cases.  Javier Espinoza, founder of our Firm, is a first-generation American immigrant whose father worked construction all his life to support their family.  His parents pushed him to excel in school and he did—becoming the first in his family to not only graduate high school but college as well.  Javier worked construction himself to support his own family and get through law school.  He has gathered a team of likeminded legal professionals who work to help injured workers in the El Paso area get the high-quality representation they deserve—regardless of legal status.  You are family when you come to Espinoza & Brock.  

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    Someone Whow Got Injured on a Construction Site in El Paso That Should Seek Out a Construction Accident Attorney

    See What We Can Do About Your Construction Accident Injury

    Our El Paso construction accident attorneys have helped clients get compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, and more.  Call us today for a free case evaluation if you or a loved one has been hurt.  We can guide you through the process of obtaining the fair compensation that is vital to getting back on your feet.  We navigate construction injury claims by:

    • Ensuring you are getting the full medical care you need with a doctor who will properly document your injuries and treatment
    • Submitting a claim to your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance or initiating a personal injury claim if they are non-subscribers to the workers’ compensation system
    • Ensuring you are not taken advantage of with a low settlement offer that will not cover the actual damages you suffered

    Have You or a Loved One Been Injured In a Construction Accident in El Paso?

    Schedule a time to meet with a work injury lawyer on our team who specializes in construction accident cases.  We know what is on the line for you and those who depend on you when you are hurt and can’t work.  We are dedicated to getting justice and real results.

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