If you or a family member have been injured in an unsafe workplace or are concerned about unsafe working conditions, you should have the help of a work injury lawyer who can help protect your right to a safe work environment.

What Are Employers Required to Do to Keep Workers Safe?

Per the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), federal safety standards are in place to protect employees from hazards in the workplace.  Your employer is expected to do the following:

  • Meet minimum safety standards applicable to each industry, whether construction, maritime, or general industry workplaces
  • Ensure machinery and equipment are safe to use
  • Provide personal protective equipment
  • Provide all required safety equipment specific to the industry of work
  • Ensure workplace safety and training is provided to employees in a language each can understand

What Can I Do if I Suspect an Unsafe Workplace?

If you suspect that your illness or injury was due to your employer putting profits over safety or that there was some other lapse in the protocols needed to keep workers safe then you should be aware that OSHA and state guideline give workers the right to:

  • See the results of previous tests for workplace hazards 
  • See records of previous injuries and illnesses in your workplace
  • Request an OSHA inspection

You also have the right to ask for the above and to report a workplace injury without retaliation from your employer. To report an unsafe workplace, go to osha.gov.

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Why Choose Espinoza & Brock ifYou Were Injured Due To Unsafe Working Conditions?

Besides being one of the only law firms in the state skilled in handling all aspects of work injury and workers’ compensation cases, we take these cases personally.  Javier Espinoza first founded our Firm in San Antonio because he comes from a family in which construction work put food on the table.  He is a first-generation American immigrant whose father supported their family while working in construction.  Javier, in turn, worked construction to support his family and to get through school and the attorney licensure exam.  He knows that workers like you, your spouse, or your parent are trying to create a good life for your family and he wants that dream protected.  That is why he and his exceptional legal team of like-minded work injury attorneys in San Antonio are passionate about getting injured workers the compensation and benefits they need.  We have a second office in El Paso and are on a mission to help workers in communities throughout Texas with strong legal representation as well as being outspoken advocates for change in workers’ rights across Texas.

Speak With an Attorney Who Will Treat You Like Family

Thanks to the unique background of our Firm, every client who comes to us at Espinoza & Brock is family.  We work for fair, just compensation for any worker who has suffered injuries in the workplace—regardless of legal status.  Call now to schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer that will understand what you’re up against and what the stakes are if you are hurt and can’t work.

Get the Help You Need Now

You are entitled to benefits for medical bills, lost income and more if you were injured at work due to unsafe working conditions.  An attorney with us can help you get the full compensation you need to recover and get back to work.

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