When someone hits a car, pedestrian, motorcyclist or someone on a bike and then leaves the scene without exchanging information, he or she may be charged with a felony.  If you were injured in a hit and run accident then you need a lawyer who knows how to competently handle all sides of this complex type of injury case.

What Are My Options When a Driver Commits a Hit and Run?

There are two ways a hit and run case can go:

1. The driver eludes police and you need the help of your own insurance company:

In the event that the driver cannot be found by authorities, it is possible to get compensation via your own insurance.  Some or all of the damages from a hit and run accident can be covered under uninsured motorist insurance, collision and/or medical payment coverage if you have any of these on your policy.

2. The driver is found by police and is made to take responsibility for what he or she has done:

The authorities take hit and run cases involving an injury or fatality very seriously.  While causing only minor property damage and running is a misdemeanor, an accident that causes serious injuries is a third-degree felony.  Today, cameras are everywhere and bystanders are quick to whip out their phones and capture video of something like a hit and run.  Some hit and run drivers have even been caught thanks to witnesses posting videos on YouTube.  Once the individual is caught, they can be made responsible for medical bills, lost income, as well as other damages you may have incurred.

Get the Help of an Injury Attorney with Offices in San Antonio and El Paso

An injury attorney with us at Espinoza & Brock knows that you have enough to deal with when you have been hurt and may be unable to work.  Hit and run cases involve working closely with the police to locate the driver who ran from the scene as well as navigating any applicable insurance claim.  By law, drivers have a duty to give information and render aid per the Texas Transportation Code, Section 550.  Our team will work to gather all evidence and do everything possible to help the police in their search for the driver who left the scene and get him or her held accountable for their recklessness.  We are dedicated to helping hit and run accident victims get justice and get the fair compensation they need and deserve.  Call now to schedule a free consultation on your case.

Espinoza & Brock: The Quality, Tenacious Legal Help You Need

When you come to Espinoza & Brock to work with an injury lawyer, you aren’t just a client—you are family.  Our goal is to provide everyone from every walk of life with excellent legal representation.  You want the best when it comes to your family and we want the best for you.  Our founder, Javier Espinoza, put together the dedicated team we have today.  We are passionate about protecting your rights.  

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All is not lost if the person who caused your injuries has fled the scene.  Speak with a hit and run attorney with us today to find out what your options are and how it is possible to get compensation.

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