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Having a workers’ comp attorney behind you can help ensure that you receive as many benefits as possible to offset your losses while you recover.   Espinoza & Brock have dedicated lawyers and legal professionals at two office locations—San Antonio and El Paso—and aim to spread our ability to successfully represent workers all over Texas so they get their due compensation.  Javier Espinoza founded our firm because, as a first generation American who worked construction and other jobs through school, he saw the need for leadership in the arena of workers’ rights and creating policy change in communities throughout Texas. We are all passionate about helping workers and their families. When we represent you, you are our family and you will feel that with every step we take in getting you the benefits you need.  Call today to schedule an initial consultation.

Temporary Income Benefits

Temporary Income Benefits, or “TIBs”, are wage replacement benefits that a worker receives after filing a workers’ compensation claim.  If awarded by your employer’s insurance company, there are specific guidelines for calculating what you will be paid based on the extent of the injuries and any partial ability to work until fully recovered.  

The following are some key points for understanding what to expect from any TIBs you are awarded:

  • Injured workers will only be granted income benefits after their injury prevents them from working for at least seven days; wage replacement accrues on the 8th day of disability, which may not be consecutive days.
  • Lost wages are determined based on a calculation of a worker’s average weekly wage over the 13 weeks prior to the date of injury.  This amount is then compared to the amount that the worker is currently able to earn. 
  • Replacement wages will usually be 70% of the difference between a worker’s average weekly wage minus any wages he or she is able to earn while injured.  In the case of a worker who is not able to work at all, the expected TIBs would be 70% of his or her weekly gross wages before the injury.
  • Recovering workers can expect to receive TIBs until a point of “Maximum Medical Improvement” or “MMI”.  This is determined either by a doctor or once 104 weeks have passed since the date that disability accrued. 

Am I Guaranteed to Receive Full Wage Replacement or Income Benefits?

Unfortunately, the current workers’ compensation system does not guarantee any benefits or replacement wages at all when you can’t work because you were injured while performing your duties. These benefits can be limited or completely denied by the insurance carriers for numerous reasons. This can create hardship and financial strain for you and your family. We don’t want that to happen to you. Entitlement to temporary income benefits can be a fast question for an administrative law judge to determine, if the parties cannot resolve a dispute. You need the right help to fight for the compensation you are entitled to. 

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The team at Espinoza & Brock work tirelessly on our clients' behalf to get as many benefits as possible so the full amount of lost wages is recovered.  Contact us right away to discuss your case in a no risk consultation.  Our work injury attorneys in San Antonio & El Paso know what your ability to work means to you and your family and we don’t let the insurance company get away with trying to sell our clients short.  

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