In the case where a pregnancy presents physical limitations to the mother that would limit her from being able to do some aspect of the work she was doing up to that point, employers cannot treat that woman any differently than anyone else who has some form of physical limitation—whether pregnant or not.

Have You Experienced Repercussions at Work Because You Are Pregnant?

Federal and Texas state laws protect workers who are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant.  Your employer is bound by these laws and can’t deny you work in any fashion.  Your protections include:

  • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission enforcement of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, The Equal Pay Act and the upcoming Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA)
  • State enforcement of Sec. 21.106 of the Texas Labor Code regarding Employment Discriminations

Proving Your Case

Pregnancy discrimination cases require proof in some form that you were treated differently because you are pregnant.  Some examples are:

  • Employer pattern of termination of other pregnant employees
  • False reasons for termination such as the person taking your place is not more skilled at the job than you were
  • Being fired suspiciously close to a superior discovering you are pregnant or to when you would be starting pregnancy leave
  • Your employer has stated that being pregnant now makes you unqualified for your current job or promotion, or that it disqualifies you from being hired for a position

Are You Being Treated Differently for Having a Baby?

If you are being given less work, prevented from obtaining a job or have been terminated from a job because you are pregnant then you need our help right away.  We offer a free initial consultation with an attorney skilled in handling pregnancy discrimination cases.

Espinoza & Brock Employment Lawyers for Pregnancy Discrimination

As one of the only law firms in the state that is skilled in representing clients in cases involving any form of workers’ rights violations, we want to help you if you have been discriminated against for being pregnant.  Espinoza & Brock was founded on the belief that all workers’ rights should be upheld regardless of sex, regardless of legal status and regardless of anything else.  

Javier Espinoza, founder of our firm, is a first-generation American immigrant who understands how hard women work for their families.  Partnered with Lara Brock, an up-and-coming employment attorney who works tirelessly to support and empower women, Javier and our team want to create policy change for workers in communities across Texas.  Lara also comes from a family of working-class women so she knows what families are facing living paycheck to paycheck.  If you, your wife or other loved one is facing pregnancy discrimination on the job, then we want to help.  Our clients are our family and a lawyer with us can help you get what’s fair so you can get back to work.

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The last thing you need when you have a baby coming is unfair treatment resulting in a lost job or lost wages because you are pregnant.  Pregnancy discrimination is illegal and simply wrong.  Call our San Antonio or El Paso law offices today to speak with a gender discrimination lawyer who knows how to handle this form of discrimination against women.  

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