If you have experienced mistreatment or harassment, you should have the help of a workers’ rights attorney skilled in handling gender discrimination cases. You may have a claim if your employer has not protected you against mistreatment, thereby creating a hostile work environment. Whether you have been fired, demoted, intimidated, or treated differently than your male co-workers, you may have been the victim of gender discrimination in the workplace.

Get the Help of an Attorney Who Knows What You’re Going Through

Espinoza & Brock is the legal team you want on your side when you’re facing discrimination in the workplace because you are a woman.  Lara Brock is a skilled workers’ rights lawyer who understands the effect harassment or discrimination can have as a female who is just trying to do her job and support her family.  Lara comes from a working-class family who supported her dream to be able to do more for workers.  In line with this, Lara is President-Elect of the Bexar County Women’s Bar Association, founded the Women’s Caucus for the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association and is a steering committee member of the Women’s Caucus of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association. 

Our Firm’s founder, Javier Espinoza, shares Lara’s passion to uplift and empower women—as does every member of our dedicated legal team. Espinoza & Brock has offices in San Antonio and El Paso and is one of the only firms in Texas that is dedicated to handling all aspects of workers’ rights law.  Women are extremely valuable members of the workforce and our communities—we want to stand by your side as you stand up against gender discrimination in the workplace.

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If you, your wife, mother, sister, or loved one has been the victim of gender discrimination, you need an attorney immediately. Women have equal rights in the workplace under state and federal law—regardless of legal status. Discrimination against women in the workplace may include:

  • Not being hired because you’re a woman
  • Unequal pay for the same work as a male counterpart
  • Being arbitrarily passed over for a promotion you were qualified for in favor of a man
  • Being fired for being pregnant
  • Only men being given leadership roles despite your qualifications
  • Being asked to perform subservient roles that are not part of your job duties
  • Unwelcome sexual advances, communications, touching or propositions

Know Your Rights And Let Us Help You Stand Up for Them

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a federal entity that enforces Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and The Equal Pay Act which both require by federal law that women have the same rights as men and cannot be discriminated against in the workplace.  Despite this, according to the organization Every Texan, Texas women typically earn about 79.6 cents on the dollar when compared to men.  This disparity can be even larger when it comes to Latino and Hispanic women.

Women work in all sectors of industry and just like men, are part of the labor force responsible for Texas’ economy which is the second largest in the nation.  Don’t let anyone downplay your worth or mistreat you.  Contact a workers’ rights attorney today if you have experienced gender discrimination at your job.  To us, you are family and we are dedicated to protecting your rights.

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